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Medicina Sportiva, issued quarterly, publishes articles of a high standard on various aspects of sports medicine and exercise science; e.g., exercise physiology and biochemistry, all clinical aspects of exercise, the management of sports injury, health and sport, training and testing, biomechanics, immunology, nutrition, and behavioral sciences. 

Types of paper

review papers – providing concise in-depth reviews
original research papers
case reports
letters to the Editor
essays on medical topics 
reports from scientific medical meetings
communication about forthcoming meetings and congresses
book reviews
articles from sponsors

Submission of manuscripts
Manuscript should be submitted electronically, as attachment(s) to an e-mail to the Editor: or: 
In case of any problems with submission all correspondence should be directed to:

Dr. Zbigniew Szyguła
The Editor in Chief 
Medicina Sportiva
ul. Wolodyjowskiego 16
31-980 Krakow, Poland
e-mail: or: 

Copyright assignment
In submission of a manuscript, the author automatically agrees to assign exclusive copyright to Medicina Sportiva if and when the manuscript is published in the journal. Articles published in this journal are protected by copyright. No material printed in the journal may be reproduced or stored in any fashion without the prior written permission of the publisher. 
The authors should state in their cover letter that: “This manuscript was not published elsewhere, in part or in whole, or will not be submitted for publication elsewhere until a decision is made regarding its acceptability for publication in Medicina Sportiva. The manuscript contains original material, that has not been published, except in abstract form, preliminary report or thesis. The manuscript does not contain any previously published material (text, illustration or table) without proper reference citation and permission to reprint”. Authors must obtain permission to publish copyright illustrations and tables before submission.

Ethics and consent
Investigations performed on human subjects must have the prior ethics approval and should be carried out in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration. It should be stated that each subject gave written informed consent.
Similar assurance is required that animal experiments were performed under appropriate circumstances. 

Review process
All manuscripts are peer reviewed anonymously by two referees who are not informed of the origin of the manuscript. The names of the reviewers are not disclosed to authors. If rejected, papers and illustrations will not be returned. 

Preparation of manuscripts

Manuscripts must be written in English. American spelling should be used. 


It is recommended an electronic copy be prepared with IBM-compatible PC in Microsoft Word, Text or ASCII file format. All figures (photographs, diagrams, illustrations) should be prepared in jpg. Large files could be sent on CD-ROM to the Editor.

Original papers should not exceed 12 standard pages (with all illustration materials and necessary references no more than 20 pages), case reports - 6 pages, reports, letters and reviews - 2 pages. There is no page and reference limitation for review articles. 
The manuscripts should be written in 12-point font - Times New Roman, double spaced, on A4 size, with 3 cm margins on all sides. All pages should be numbered. 

The manuscript should be arranged as follows: 

Title page: TITLE OF THE PAPER, First and last name(s) of author(s), authors’ institution, name and address of the main author with their fax or e-mail, running title (up to 60 characters), 4-6 key words, acknowledgements (if any). 
To assist in indexing the journal, list up to 5 key words under which your article could be indexed. These key words will appear with your article and will help readers identify yours and similar articles in searches of data bases. If possible, use terms from the Index Medicus medical subject headings (MeSH) (
Abstract (up to 250 words) should be informative and contain: Introduction and the aim of the study, Materials and methods, Results and Conclusions, 
Text of the original article should contain the following parts: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results (SI units should be used), Discussion with conclusions, References. 
Tables should be numbered in Arabic numerals, accompanied by a short title and should be self-explanatory. Please indicate the appropriate placing of tables in the text,.
Drawings, graphs and diagrams should be in final form for reproduction and should accompany the manuscript. Photographs must be sent as jpg file. Legends for the illustrations should be self-explanatory. Indicate in the text places for illustrations.
References - only when necessary, should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they appear in the text, in accordance to the Vancouver system. Please identify references in text, tables and legends by Arabic numerals in parenthesis. List all authors when there are three or fewer. If there are more than three, list the first three, followed by et al. Authors should provide complete, correct and properly structured references, as instructed by the editor. Responsibility for completeness and accuracy of references rests entirely with the authors. 

References should be formatted as shown in the following examples: 
* Journal articles 
Carrasco AJ, Dzeja PP, Alekseev AE, et al. Adenylate kinase phosphotransfer communicates cellular energetic signals to ATP-sensitive potassium channels. Porc Natl Acad Sci USA 2001; 98: 7623-8.
* Book chapters
Peirce NS. Diabetes and exercise. In: MacAuley D., ed. Benefits and hazards of exercise. London: BMJ Books, 1999: 138-171. 
* Books
Landry GL, Bernhardt DT. Essentials of primary care sports medicine. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2003.

Authors’ names should be punctuated strictly as shown.
If the article/book has DOI number, the author should include it in the references.

Galley proofs will be sent to the corresponding author for correction and authors should return their proofs to the Editor within seven days by e-mail (, fax (+48 12 6869011), or by express post. Only minor corrections can be made. Corrections other than printing errors may be charged to the author.

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